General Appointment

Conversation or discussion with Dan Elder, Managing Partner of Topsarge Business Solutions

Free Consultation

Let us help you develop your workforce and emerging leaders through one of our existing corporate programs, or we can create a customized coaching program that meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking to improve teams, customer service, increase sales, develop communication skills, or reduce conflict and build better leaders, we have a solution.

Executive Coaching

Business coaches are experienced entrepreneurs and business owners themselves who decide to use their talents for building and growing a business to help other business owners reach their goals. There may be information and advice available online on how to start and grow a business, all of it is, by nature, generic and not specific to your unique business. A successful business coach is able to provide something far more valuable, their personalized, custom advice.

360° Survey debriefing

We offer 360-degree interpretations and debriefing sessions. A 360-degree multi-source assessment tool allows one to gather anonymous feedback from superiors, peers, and subordinates. By comparing self-assessment with your raters you can identify strengths, weakness, unrealized talents and blind spots. Our coaches help you decipher the messages and read between the lines to identify golden nuggets and hidden messages.

DiSC Assessment debriefing

A completed DiSC assessment profile report provides individual data targeted to your preferred behaviors based on your default actions. DiSC data is presented in graphs, along with data for dealing with others styles. The Summary pages provide information on your greatest strengths and challenges, as well as concrete steps toward action.

Request a 360° Survey

We use multi-source feedback 360-degree assessment tools that provide individuals with straightforward, practical feedback on job-related skills necessary for effectiveness in a management role. Our products simplicity also makes it an ideal first step for organizations that are new to the 360-degree assessment process.

Business Development

In this role, my primary responsibility is to drive the company's growth and expansion initiatives. This involves developing and implementing strategic plans to identify and capitalize on new business opportunities in alignment with the company's goals and capabilities. This meeting should be primarily to foster strong client relationships, related to leading a team of business development professionals, or collaborating with other company-partners to ensure seamless execution of business strategies.